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IFAN PVC Drainage Piping System: Powerful Performance, Affordable Price

What is IFAN PVC pipe?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is a chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer. In its natural state, PVC is rigid and brittle, but when combined with additives such as plasticizers, it becomes more elastic and malleable. PVC has a wide range of applications, including electrical insulation, medical plumbing, flooring, furniture, signage, and alternatives to rubber. The most common use of PVC is in the manufacture of pipes for water supply, pipes and irrigation. Depending on the application, use different variations of IFAN PVC pipe for hot or cold water piping in industrial and commercial environments. PVC pipe has served various commercial uses for over 80 years, and in the United States alone, 2 million miles of PVC pipe are currently in operation.

Advantages of IFAN PVC pipe


IFAN PVC pipe offers excellent corrosion resistance, unlike cast iron or galvanized pipes, which corrode over time as their protective coatings wear off. PVC’s inert chemical nature ensures it resists reactions with other substances, making it safe for transporting drinking and domestic water. This resistance helps prevent pipe failures like cracks or holes, avoiding leaks or sewer gas escape.

Easy to deliver

The light weight of IFAN PVC pipe makes it easier to handle and transport at the work site, especially for large commercial projects or installation requiring larger pipe diameters. This lightness not only facilitates wholesalers to store and move IFAN PVC pipes, making them easier to stack and handle without heavy machinery, but also facilitates long-distance transportation of pipe laying, reducing transportation costs.


IFAN PVC pipe is durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. This makes it a suitable material for underground pipes and pipes through which high-pressure fluids need to pass.

Long service life

IFAN PVC pipe in the underground service life of up to 100 years, which makes it an ideal choice for large pipeline networks. Due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, IFAN PVC pipes significantly reduce long-term operating costs. In contrast, pipes with traditional materials such as steel and cement require frequent maintenance and overhaul, which is costly. Therefore, IFAN PVC pipes have obvious advantages in reducing maintenance expenses and improving system reliability.

Easy installation

Installing IFAN PVC pipes is more convenient than traditional materials like cast iron or galvanized pipes, which require precise pre-measurement and cutting. IFAN PVC pipes can be measured and cut directly on site, speeding up and simplifying the installation process.

Connect firmly

The connection of IFAN PVC pipes is strong due to chemical fusion of the joints. In contrast, conventional pipes often use threaded connections or rubber joints, which have a higher risk of leakage. While sealants and rubber bands can help prevent leaks, the quality of the pipe and sealing method can still lead to potential leakage issues.

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