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IFAN PPR Home Plumbing Fitting: Safe and comfortable living

What is a IFAN ppr fitting?

IFAN PPR fittings consist of straight rigid cylindrical tubes made from polypropylene random copolymer plastic via continuous extrusion. Typically, they come in green or white and have outer diameter sizes ranging from 20 mm to 110 mm, resulting in thicker tube walls compared to PVC. IFAN offers a variety of connecting fittings, parts, and accessories tailored to each pipe diameter.

The advantages of IFAN PPR material in home decoration

High temperature resistance

IFAN PPR fittings can withstand high temperatures of up to 95°C, making them suitable for use in hot water supply systems.

Long service life, durable

IFAN PPR fittings is highly resistant to corrosion, scaling and chemical deterioration, which ensures that your piping system has a longer service life compared to other materials. These pipes are able to withstand high temperatures and pressure fluctuations, making them suitable for hot and cold water applications. With IFAN PPR fitting, you can be confident that your piping system will remain leak-free and trouble-free for years to come.

Low thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of the IFAN PPR fitting is low because the external temperature cannot easily reach the liquid in the tube. This feature allows IFAN PPR fittings to minimize heat loss or heat gain during the transfer of hot and cold fluids, resulting in an energy-efficient system and reduced insulation costs. This not only improves energy efficiency, but also reduces heating costs, enabling you to enjoy a constant supply of hot water without worrying about unnecessary heat loss.

Corrosion resistance

IFAN PPR fittings are resistant to corrosion by acidic or alkaline substances and are ideal for water supply systems.

Smooth noise reduction, enjoy silence

Another advantage of IFAN PPR fittings is the ability to minimize noise levels within the piping system. Inherent characteristics such as its high density and thick walls and smooth surface help to reduce noise during water flow, which is especially beneficial in residential construction, where excessive noise generated by water flow can cause damage. Compared to conventional pipes, the internal surface of IFAN PPR fittings is very smooth and the coefficient of friction is very low, which reduces pressure loss during fluid transport and distribution, further improving the energy efficiency of the system. In addition, unlike metal pipes, IFAN PPR does not flake or scale, making it safer to use. With IFAN PPR fittings, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment in your home and get a more efficient and safe plumbing system.

Absolute health and safety

Ensuring the safety and sanitation of household water supplies is essential. IFAN PPR fittings are made of food-grade materials, which means they are non-toxic and do not contaminate water with harmful chemicals. The pipes also resist bacterial growth, reducing the chance of waterborne diseases. IFAN PPR fittings provide a safe and sanitary water supply to keep your family healthy and protected.

Hope transfer safety and comfort to your home, and give you a life filled with peace!  IFAN IFAN PPR home pipes will provide you with professional and reliable solutions, satisfying all your needs as usual!  We are always near you whenever you seek a safe and comfortable living!

IFAN is a Chinese manufacturer of plastic pipes, fittings and valves with 30 years of experience. If you are interested in IFAN copper fittings, copper valves, plastic pipes and fittings, please contact us. IFAN offers you a variety of standard pipes to meet your specific needs. Click below to learn more about IFAN’s wide range of affordable and cost-effective valve products and piping system related products.

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