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IFAN PEX underfloor heating system: The advantages of PEX-A piping

IFAN PEX pipeline is a prevalent choice in construction, water supply, heating, and various other fields. It offers several advantages along with certain limitations. Below, we analyze the pros and cons of IFAN PEXA pipelines.

IFAN PEX pipe offers a range of benefits, including non-toxicity, tastelessness, excellent pressure resistance, stability, and durability. Moreover, its remarkable temperature resistance (-70°C to 110°C) makes it an ideal choice for indoor hot and cold water supply systems. IFAN manufactures PEX tubes with a density of 950 kg/m3, utilizing polyethylene as the matrix resin and silane as the bonding agent. Operators feed raw materials into a specially designed reaction extruder through a precision measurement system. Then, in one step, the extruder grafts silane vinyl and polyethylene together, forming a three-dimensional molecular network. This streamlined production process, widely adopted internationally, produces cross-linked polyethylene pipes.

Advantages of IFAN PEX pipeline:

1. Good heat resistance:

IFAN PEX-A pipeline has good heat resistance and can withstand operation in high temperature environment. It can maintain stable performance at high temperatures and is not easy to deform, ensuring the reliability and stability of the pipeline.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance:

IFAN PEX-A pipe, crafted through a polyethylene crosslinking process, exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance. Additionally, it remains unscathed by acidic or alkaline substances, including salts and chlorides, thereby prolonging the pipeline’s lifespan.

3. Flexible and easy installation:

IFAN PEX-A pipe has good bending performance and is easy to install and arrange. Compared to traditional metal pipes, IFAN PEX-A pipes are more flexible and can adapt to complex pipe layouts and changing construction environments.

4. Good insulation performance:

IFAN PEX-A pipe has good insulation performance, which can reduce heat loss. This makes it more efficient and energy-saving in heating and water supply systems, which is conducive to environmental protection and cost reduction.

Connection mode

To join IFAN PEX pipes, one utilizes copper connectors and fastening rings, which are then secured with clamps or clasps. When connecting IFAN PEX pipes to other metal pipes, special external screw clamps or ferrules are employed.

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